What do you think of when you see this picture? Here’s a hint. I googled the single word “arguing” and clicked “images.” This was the second image that popped up. Can you see it? Do you feel it? Look at it again. What does your mind go to? Brother and sister? Classmates? Neighbors?

I asked my 10-year old son (affectionately known as Little Man in our house) what was the first thing he thought of when seeing this image. His answer? “Daddy, they’re singing. Maybe Def Leopard or Bon Jovi.” I have no idea where this boy who is a child of 2 head-banging, rock and roll loving parents of the 80’s would get such musical examples, but there you have it. His mind instantly went to happy. It went to positive. It went to…wait for it…fun! It should be footnoted that after looking at it again, he also added, “Maybe Uptown Funk or Justin Timberlake.” Apparently, I need to have an IPod conversation or two with ‘Benedict Momma’ about her treacherous musical stylings negatively impacting our child. Pour Some Sugar on Me, good. Uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up? Not so much.

This got me wondering at what age do we begin to change our view of the world? Is it too late to ever get back our 10-year old vision of things? Think how happy our world would be if we could dance instead of argue. Don’t agree with my political view? Let’s dance it out bro. Liberal? Conservative? Nope. Rock and roll or hip-hop. People from all walks of life can go to a concert and sing along with their neighbors and not care what they think about our economic agenda with China. When they get on social media with that same person, it’s a verbal ninja attack.

Look at that picture again. What do you see now? Caught you didn’t I? They could be singing. They could be happy, not arguing. Maybe we need to start rubbing our eyes and viewing the world through the eyes of a 10-year old. I bet our world would be a happier (and dancier) place!

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Through The Eyes of a 10 Year Old

Written by Steve Gwisdalla

October 4, 2019